About Us

Shift Worship exists to help churches help all of us shift our worship back to God. Since 2003, we’ve been providing visual resources for worship to churches around the world.

Our commitment is to make excellent visual media that’s easy to use; to empower churches to make and customize their own worship media; and to keep the costs as reasonable as possible.

To accomplish these goals, we were one of the very first church media companies to offer access to all of our media for a low annual price. We continue to release fresh new content every week, and the price of our all-access Media Membership hasn’t changed in over a decade (even as we’ve added thousands of new backgrounds, mini movies, and countdowns).

In recent years, we’ve begun offering more tools to equip church media volunteers and professionals to customize and even create their own worship media. The Shift Media Creator App for iPhone is the easiest way we know to turn any image on your phone into a background on your screen in just a few minutes.

Even more recently, we added the Pro Membership level to our site with tools that allow almost anyone to take full control of the worship media creation process. We don’t just want to make your worship media; we want to help those who want to exercise their own creativity in making the media their churches will use for worship.

Thanks for visiting our site! You’ll find answers to many questions on the Memberships page and in the Help section. Feel free to contact us, though, with any questions by dropping an email to [email protected]. We are here to help.

—The Shift Worship Team